Our Fleet

PanAF airline’s fleet consists of various short, medium, and long-haul twin engine airliners. As of October 2021, it has purchased 31 aircraft of which one is being delivered soon to be used as a freighter. For its short domestic and regional routes PanAF uses the CRJ-700 with 78 max passenger and 2,250 nautical miles range. For most other regional routes PanAF uses the Airbus A320 family of aircraft (A320neo, A319, A321) and the Boeing 737-800 as well as the newest Boeing 737-MAX8. For its international routes, PanAF is deploying the two Boeing 767-300ER with a maximum of 290 passengers and capable of almost 6000 nautical miles range. However, these are being phased out soon with the purchase of two A330-300Neo and 4 A350-900 which offer better fuel consumption rates. PanAF’ s aircraft fleet receives state-of-the-art maintenance at its facilities located at its Blaise Diagne International Hub in Dakar, Senegal.

Aircraft Code Max Pax Cruise Speed Ceiling Engine Range Fleet Count
737 MAX-8
B38M 200 453kts 41,000ft 2 x CFM Int LEAP-1B 3,550nm 2 more info
B763 290 459kts 43,100ft PW4062 5,975nm 2 more info
A319 145 514kts 39,000ft CFM56-5B6/2P 3,672nm 3 more info
A321 220 542kts 39,000ft CFM56-5 3,200nm 3 more info
A330-900 NEO
A339 290 496kts 41,000ft RR TRENT 772B 7,200nm 2 more info
A346 419 490kts 41,000ft RR Trent 500 7,900nm 2 more info
A359 315 488kts 43,000ft TRENT XWB-84 8,100nm 4 more info
Airbus A320Neo
A20N 174 500kts 39,800ft LEAP-1A26 3,400nm 4 more info
B76F 3 459kts 43,000ft PW4062 5,975nm 1 more info
Boeing 737-800
B738 160 511kts 41,000ft CFM Intl. CFM56-7B27 4,000nm 4 more info
CRJ7 78 488kts 41,000ft CF34-8C5B1 2,250nm 6 more info
McDonnell Douglas MD-11F
MD11 6 511kts 43,000ft GE CF6-80C2 4,548nm 3 more info