New Website - Join us at

posted by Sagga Toure on 2022-05-11

Dear Pan-African VA pilot,
We’re sending you this email to notify you about our new website at Currently, we are using a virtual airline management system called VaBase which provided a good starting point for a while. However, we felt the need to add more to our VA to make things more interesting. Therefore, we have switched to using another system called PhpVMS. With this new system we can have addons that add many more functionalities such as:
1- A new ACARS (much more capable)
2- Monthly flight assignments
3- Tours
4- Type Ratings
5- A working economy for the virtual airline (Now your earnings have a meaning)
6- Aircraft Maintenance and checks
7- Integration with the Stable Approach plugin for X-Plane 11
8- Pilots and fleet current location
9- Free flights integration with simbrief
10- Top pilots of the month, year, or all time
11- Random flight assignment
12- Better Award system
1-3 And more
We would like to invite you to join us at the new website and provide your current hours to the transfer hours field at sign up to get it counted for and update your rank accordingly. Because of the very different systems (databases) used in the two VA management systems we thought it would be better to ask our current users to sign up on the new website instead.
We are very excited for the new Pan-AF website and hope to see you there soon!
Best regards,
Pan-AF Staff